About Us

We are a family of four – parents (Mrs. Nhan, Mr. Chinh) and daughters (Nga and Lu). Time flies so fast and it has been more than 2 years in the blink of an eye since the day our family decided to run Camellia Homestay in August 2013. During that time, Ms. Hoa - our amazing niece is always with us all time, helps us and she really became our little third daughter. In the addition, Ms. Thu is the best house keeper that we could ask for and we are proud of this dream team. Moreover, our family is more bigger and bigger because the guests come and stay with us as a extended family comprised of nationalities around the world.  Although we well know that there are no words to show our appreciation to you - awesome guests, from the bottom of our heart, we would like to say out loud that thank you a lot  because without your support, Camellia Homestay  wouldn’t have been able to make such success today. We promise to try out best to bring the best services to you as a the most sincere thank.
Regarding to the name of this project - Camellia Homestay, several years ago, we would like to own a place – where we can meet new friends, exchange cultures, share and make it a home full of love and happiness.

For many years, we have put much effort into our work to get chance making the dream comes true. Now, that place is established and we name it Camellia Homestay – with us, a meaningful name. When my dad was young, he was too poor to give my mom any valuable thing as promise ring. He just bent down on his knee, took her hand and asked her to marry him with a bouquet of camellia in his hand-the best precious thing with him at that time and especially it was from the garden he took care of after plenty of time. This made my mom moved and she then agreed with his proposal. Since them, camellia has marked a crucial moment in their life and my life…

Being friendly and helpful people, we would like to welcome you at our dream place, being our family members and we commit to make your stay a wonderful time.